My team members and I are absolutely thrilled to be part of the People and Places of Thurston County, WA project. We've often talked about what we could do to give back to the community that has been so good to us. What better way than to provide and administer a platform to honor and celebrate deserving, accomplished, and outstanding people and businesses right here in our communities.



Meet the Hosts and Administrators of People and Places of Thurston County, WA

About the WEBREALTY Team

We are an independent Washington State real estate brokerage headquartered in Thurston County. Known as the WEBREALTY Team, the designated broker/owner, Doug Burger, has been selling real estate in Thurston County since 1978. Our primary focus is servicing the Thurston County market. However, we provide real estate services to several other counties in the South and Central regions of Western Washington State.

Our team members are comprised of highly trained REALTORS® and are led by a former multi-year Washington State #1 ranked RE/MAX broker and leader of a multi-State #1 ranked RE/MAX team. The average team member has been licensed for approximately 14 years, with combined total closed transactions of over 4,000.

A significant advantage we have as an independent brokerage is being able to quickly and effectively adjust to industry protocols and industry-specific technological advancements. We can adopt or develop the best technology available without going through corporate channels or using systems particular franchise executives decided on.

As a locally owned and operated company, we are developing tools outside of the real estate industry to benefit the lives of area residents. The People and Places of Thurston County, WA, is just one example of a hyper-local product we developed in-house to enrich the lives of the residents here through feel-good stories recognizing some of the fantastic residents of Thurston County. Another much more extensive project is in the works to provide unique sharing and communication channels among neighborhoods, communities, and the county.

Anne Lux
Anne Lux
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Over the past 15 years my husband and I have relied on Doug Burger's company, WEBREALTY, with their knowledge and expertise to guide us through two home sales and two home purchases. Their ability to market our properties, explain the process, offer advice and negotiate throughout the transactions has been outstanding. We find them to be honest, reliable and thorough. We highly recommend their services